Adding subtitles to your video can be great for the engagement, however it can be quite time consuming. Iveo Pro doesn’t support subtitles because it is better to add subtitles on the social platforms you distribute your video, for example Facebook and Youtube. If you want to make use of subtitles you can do the following:

  1. Download this text file and open the file with your teksteditor
  2. In the text file you’ll find the following text:


00:00:00 –> 00:00:03

Add your subtitle here


00:00:03 –> 00:00:08

Add your subtitle here

  1. Add your subtitles below the time frames
  2. Edit the time duration to make sure the subtitles show-up in the right frames
  3. Save this as an *.SRT file
  4. For adding these subtitles to your video on Facebook, follow these instructions:

  1. For adding these subtitles to your video on YouTube, follow these instructions: