Your real estate video solution

Whether you want to start creating videos for the first time, or if you’re already making hundreds of videos a month, Iveo Pro is there to help you.

  1. Record Your Footage

    Iveo Pro’s easy to use iOS and Android app allow you to record your footage with your smartphone’s camera. You can also use your DJI Osmo, GoPro, DSLR or other video camera to record your footage.

  2. Finalize Your Video

    Just choose a song and the branding of your customer and your video will automatically be edited. Iveo Pro uses artificial intelligence to analyze and automatically edit your shots into the most beautiful and professional real estate videos.

  3. Watch Your Videos

    Within 1 hour, your videos are ready to watch. Iveo Pro automatically creates a tour of the house and other videos like teasers from your footage. We can also create unique templates for your videos.

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Does The Hard Work For You

You focus on shooting your videos and let Iveo Pro do the rest. We’ve got you covered.

Use the Iveo app on your smartphone and easily record your shots. Finalize your video on the go and you’re done.

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Create videos that are shot with your own camera on the Iveo Pro Dashboard. Watch and edit all your videos or edit the branding of your customers.

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Iveo Pro uses artificial intelligence to edit your shots automatically. And it also adds branding, music, titles and other effects to make your video look great.

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Create Beautiful Videos

Check this video to watch what you could be making with Iveo Pro. Choose one of Iveo’s video templates or have us build you a unique video template especially for your company.

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By saving time, you can increase your margins and start creating more videos to increase your revenue. Iveo Pro makes offering videos available for houses in every segment. You’ll also get extra videos automatically to increase your revenue even more.