Yes, this is possible. If for example you want to give a presentation, interview homeowners, or just say something about the house while recording the shots, you can use this with the audio-functionality of Iveo Pro. How does this work?

In the dashboard:

  1. Upload a shot to the Iveo dashboard, which contains audio recorded while filming.
  2. Click on audio on
  3. Button turns green

In the app:

  1. Record a shot, note that the Iveo app always records the audio while filming
  2. The recorded shot appears in your storyboard
  3. Click on options > Audio on/off
  4. A microphone icon appears to indicate that the audio is turned on

If you finalize these projects, Iveo Pro will lower the volume of the background audio within that specific shot, and make sure that the audio recorded while filming fades in. 

If you are looking for a way to use a separately recorded voice-over track under your video, please let us know, we could do this manually for you.