The Iveo app is a great recording tool if you want to shoot your videos with your smartphone. The fastest way to use the Iveo app and finalizing your video goes as follows:

  1. First, decide if you want to upload your shots via wifi or via your mobile data connection. The first one is the best option if you don’t have a lot of mobile data capacity. The second one is better if you want to create your videos quick and on-the-go. You can set the Iveo app to use mobile data for videos in the settings menu.
  2. Create a new video project in the Iveo app
  3. Record your shots in the storyboard
  4. Watch a preview and create your video

Depending on the setting you chose at step 1, your shots will now be uploaded to Iveo’s servers. Keep the Iveo app open to allow the app to upload your shots. The status of your video project will change to ‘Pending finalization’ which means you can finalize your video in the Iveo Dashboard. To do this you:

  1. Login on the Iveo Dashboard
  2. Go to your video projects
  3. Click on your video
  4. Here you can see an overview of your video, the title that will be shown and the music that is added
  5. If you want to can edit the video here as well like reordering or trimming the shots
  6. You also need to select the branding of the realtor for this video
  7. Finalize the video

Your video will be made with the branding of the realtor you selected after the shots have been uploaded. You will receive an email when your video is ready!