As a main user, you can easily add, deactivate and delete users. Therefore go to “users” in your dashboard.

Adding users:

Every account gets a certain amount of free users to add. A user can make use of Iveo Pro while using the video credits of your account. As a main user you have more rights.

  1. Click on users
  2. Click on add user
  3. Fill in name, lastname, email address and click on add user
  4. User gets an email to activate his or her account

Deactivate users:

In case a colleague will leave your company, but you still want to access his or her account (or videos), you can deactivate the user. His or her account will be removed at the end of the following calendar month.

Delete users:

If you don’t need to access his or her videos, you can delete a user after deactivation. His or her account including all videos will be deleted immediately and access will be denied.